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My Mommy Journey and the Birth of Lelliebubb

Cher Berbano

Sharing with you  my mommy journey and the birth of Lelliebubb. 

I got pregnant in 2011. 

Between my growing belly and my nocturnal job , I was a busy woman (If I’m not at work, I’d be sleeping or eating alternately). I didn’t have time to complete my new baby checklist (that I got from baby company) because on my 7th month, I started bad contractions and was placed on bed rest.

I was stuck at home with nothing but my iPad and my husband’s credit card…I didn’t complain. Shopping for my baby kept me busy — I spent two months looking at amazon ratings and viewing product reviews. I had ALL (no exaggeration!) of Ellie's newborn clothes, toys, bottles, blankets and all other must have shipped from the USA. My purchases were so frequent that the courier visited me weekly. I found myself with a huge credit card bill and a furious husband..it was all worth it after the baby.

Up to this date, I would tell my hubby that they were good purchases. I am not saying this to save face after getting long lecture from him but because they were all worth it. It made my mommy experience sweet and comfortable. (thus the tagline “Making your mommy experience the sweetest and most comfortable.”)

C-Section is painful but it gave me more days to be with my little bunch. I was on call for my baby (yes, I am a breastfeeding advocate) and with the popularity of social media (it was only FB that time and some twitter), I posted my baby’s firsts and our sweet moments. I got the usual, “your baby’s such an angel”, “she’s a charmer” and some “where did you buy that?”, “does it really work?” and for their inquiries, I’d tell them I had it shipped and all they would say is …”ohhh, magkano shipping” and people would usually stop asking after finding out the shipping cost.

I felt bad — I want them to experience it. I want them to have it. I know there are limitations…

The business came in the picture solely due to pure intentions —I wanted to bring the products I enjoyed to the doorsteps of friends, family and fellow moms at minimal cost. Quality was never sacrificed — I picked the materials for production when I started and I still find time to do it up to this date. I explored cheaper options but decided to pass up on china made materials.

I didn’t get into business to earn, I got into business to be of service.

It’s not work, it is a hobby that I enjoy.

I don’t have much advertisement — the only form of campaign that I have is my small network and free ads online (OLX, AyosDito, eBay, etc.) I would love to have more time to join and participate in forums but in that area, I am a bit limited as I need to balance work, being a mom and the business.

I thought of investing in expensive packaging to keep up with competition but it was my decision not to go for fancy packaging because I don’t want to end up passing the cost to my customers.

It’s a family business — My little one and I pose for the cam and my photographer is my hubby equipped with his iPhone. We did the videos in our room, no fancy venue. I cropped my face or my body to preserve the beauty of the product! (lol). We don’t have a studio for pictorials, we use our living room wall (in most pics you will see bits and pieces of our LOVE like you’ve never been hurt wall sticker). My assistants? Yaya usually cares for orders when I am out (while baby is asleep). Kuya Willy (house help) hosts the courier when it’s time for pick up.

I try my best to be within reach. I do my best to respond day and night. At night, I get to respond during breaks and lunch. In the day time, I get to responds in between catnaps. I am guilty of late response…better late than never! Blame it also on the cellular network or maybe our house is a dead spot. Smart and Globe is totally dead in my address, my phone is usually by the window or in the front door area, totally out of earshot so sorry for the missed calls.

I don’t try to compete, I am happy with my share of the market. I respect my competition and I find them ingenious.

Lelliebubb is still doing great three years after it started. New products have been released. A lot more is coming soon.

Thank you for allowing me to make your mommy experience the sweetest and most comfortable. More power to you great mom!

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