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My Hospital Bag

Cher Berbano


I am getting inquiries from expecting moms ---asking for advice what type of carrier is best for their soon to be born babe.

For those moms that are new members of the Lelliebubb circle --- I am going to give birth on July 18 via c-section.

I have started packing my hospital bag ---and the answer to my carrier choice for a new born is a RING SLING.

I didn't bother stashing a Bubba Tai or a Tula since newborns don't have head control yet (mei tai or ssc is good for 3 to 4 month old without an insert).

A Bubba Wrap is most appropriate too but I am not even sure I'll be using a carrier as early as day 1 or 2 so I didn't bother packing one (I am CS so I might not be comfy having a belted waist carrier while my wound is fresh).

The Ring Sling is a just in case I will need it on the way home.

Not yet in the picture are 2 nursing covers, I am still having them washed.

Other items in my hospital luggage...

a. Winx ultra bikini - this is more of a post partum underwear. It provides compression on the CS wound shielding you (might be psychologically) from the pain. Also, when you laugh, sneeze or cough, there's a crazy thought in your head na the wound will open up so you tend to put your hand or a pillow over the wound area.

b. Feeding bottles - I am going to breastfeed but this is a just in case stash... just in case going to the nursery will hurt too much because of the operation or just in case "whatever my condition will be" post surgery. Once the baby is out of the nursery they won't take him/her back in...if it were a normal delivery I am almost certain I'd have the strength to take care of her and have her by my side immediately after leaving the recovery room but with my last CS, I couldn't move much because of the pain. And that with the groggy feeling until the epidural/anesthesia wears of, I dont think I'd be capable of caring for her.

****edited on 7/15
Just learned from my OB that the hospital I have picked strongly supports breastfeeding ---was advised not to bring bottles anymore so I took it out of the hospital bag already. 👍🏻

My doctor also gave hubby heads up that he should be ready to take care of the baby while I sleep off the groggy and weak feeling. 😉

c. Nursing Bra and Breast pads

d. Sanitary napkin

e. Newborn Nappies and wet wipes

f. Baby clothes/necessities (nursery pack, 3 pcs of each) - swaddle, birds eye nappies, bonnet, mittens, gloves/socks, bigkis, pants and receiving blankets.

g. Back up baby necessities (back up pack, 3 pcs of each) - In case the primary stash is not enough. With my first, she had diarrhea because of formula and she soaked all the blankets we brought and hubby had to rush to the nearest mall with MIL.

h. Waist compression belt - to keep the tissues together for faster "watch me get my body back" project.

i. Robe - when you visit the nursery or walk to the bathroom, you might forget that the hospital gown is open at the back. You cant be walking around exposing your bottom.

j. Nursing cover - some breastfeeding station/area is on the same window as the nursery visitors viewing area. Not too comfortable being watched by strangers especially when youre a new mom and you're not yet comfy exposing your bossom.
***edited 7/15
Baby will be roomed in immediately.
I have stashed some breastfeeding blouse and spaghetti/tube tops. I will be allowed to change to my own clothes as soon as I can move around. Nursing cover still needed given non stop visit by friends and family.

k. Going home dress - you'd want to look as elegant and pretty as Kate Middleton when she left the hospital a few hours after delivery.

l. Rear facing car seat - Although you'll get away not having one here in the Philippines, in the USA they wont allow you leave with your baby without it. Might as well use it if you have one already.

m. Toilettries - shampoo, soap, tissue, extra towels, etc.

N. Boppy pillow

o. Permanent marker - make sure that baby necessities are marked with yur last name. you wouldn't want other babies using you precious baby clothes.

So far what I have in my bag and in my head for myself and my little one. Daddy has a separate bag with his clothes, gadget chargers, camera, blanket, food, etc.

Let me know what else I missed.

Cher B.💖

I am not the selfie type but I am not ppreggo often and wanna share how I look all bloated. See pics in comments.

Also, a view of moisturizers I used for my tummy to keep the skin elastic...I am scared of stretch marks --- Body shop shea butter, Palmer's tummy butter, The Face Shop Macadamia & Shea, Human Nature Rose Hip oil and Human Nature Sunflower oil. (yun Master by Eskinol kay Hubby, alam niyo na sikreto niya! haha.)

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