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Who is Lelliebubb?

 Lelliebubb is the project of a mother who wants nothing but the best for her baby.

The business came in the picture in 2012 solely due to pure intentions - I wanted to bring the products I enjoyed and highly recommend to the doorsteps of friends, family and fellow moms at minimal cost. Quality was never sacrificed.

Lelliebubb did not get into business to earn. I got into business to be of service. It's not work, it is a hobby that I enjoy.

It's a family business - my little ones and I pose for the cam and my photographer is my hubby equipped with his iphone. We did videos in our room, no fancy venue. I cropped my face or body to preserve the beauty of the product (lol). We don't have a studio for pictorials, we use our living room or garden as backdrop. My assistants? The nanny usually cares for the preparing orders for delivery when I am not available. My house help hosts the courier when it's time for pick up.

I try my best to be within reach. I do my best to respond day and night. At night, I get to respond during breaks and lunch (I work the night shift). In the day time, I respond in between catnaps. I am guilty of late response...better late than never!

I don't try to compete, I am happy with my share of the market. I respect my competition and find them ingenious.

Lelliebubb is still doing great years after it started. A lot of new products coming soon!

Thank you for allowing me to make your mommy experience the sweetest and most comfortable.

 Cher B.

Lelliebubb Mom