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VIOLETTA Toddler Bubba Tai
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VIOLETTA Toddler Bubba Tai

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BEST FOR BABIES 8 MONTHS AND UP. Not suitable for babies lower than 6 months.

Due to practical reasons, you might be thinking it is okay to get a Toddler size for your Infant. Lelliebubb does not encourage upsizing early. The child will get swallowed by the high body panel and legs might be too stretched/extended. Your baby's comfort and safety is priceless.

What is a Bubba Tai?

The word "MEI" means "to carry on the shoulders" while "TAI" means “strap/band”. It is a Chinese word or term for a particular style of baby carrier, generally a square/rectangular shaped piece of fabric with straps on all four corners.

The LELLIEBUBB BUBBA TAI offers the following:

1. Padded body to make it soft and comfortable for baby

2. Long Shoulder straps to fit any body type

3. Belt hole so there is no need to reach back and blindly grab the shoulder straps

4. Reinforced strap, x stitch on all corners

5. Cushioned shoulder straps for comfort of wearer

6. Pull tested adjustable buckle waist (up to 60lbs of tension) , fits any waist size

7.Detachable pocket to keep your baby necessities within reach

8. Comfortable experience. Soft cotton cloth is used.

9. Hoodie to protect baby from sun, wind and cold air

BEST FOR BABIES 8 MONTHS AND UP. Not suitable for babies lower than 6 months.

1. Is the Bubba Tai a Mei Tai?

Yes. The Bubba Tai is Mei Tai. We respect the identity of the Mei Tai and changed the name of Lelliebubb's version of the Mei Tai into Bubba Tai. Because of some enhancements/additions, it is not your traditional Mei Tai. It is a Bubba Tai!

2. Does it come with Hoodie and Pouch?
Yes. All Lelliebubb Bubba Tai comes with a hood to protect your child from extreme sunlight or cold wind. A detachable pouch is part of the Bubba Tai package. Unfortunately, drool pads are not provided. You will need to purchase it separately at a minimum charge.

3. Is it all buckled like a soft structured carrier (Tula, Ergo, etc.)?
No. It is not a soft structured carrier but almost! The Bubba Tai has a buckle waist that can accommodate up to waist line of 40 inches. Shoulder straps do not have buckles. It has to be tied around the body to secure the baby. It is still a Mei Tai.

4. How much weight can the Bubba Tai absorb?
Lelliebubb opted to be conservative with the weight recommendation for all carriers that we produce. The human body can take only up to 30-40 lbs of weight without straining the back or causing back injuries especially when carrying for long hours. Our recommended maxximum weight is 35lbs or 15 kgs. Our weight limit is more to protect moms (health) than maximize use of carrier as pitch to gain more sales.

5. May I pick a design for Made To Order requests?
Lelliebubb produces in bulk. We produce no lower than 50 pieces per batch. Much as we would like to accommodate design requests for orders, we cannot commit given that all raw materials go straight to production. One batch is a mix of colorful and basic (neutral) designs to meet the different taste of our client.

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