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CHAKRA BLENDS (Adult Blend) - Pre-diluted Roller Bottle 10ml
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CHAKRA BLENDS (Adult Blend) - Pre-diluted Roller Bottle 10ml

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This is a synergy prepared by the registered aromatherapists of Plant Therapy. 

Dilution rate - We prepared our roller bottles on a 2% dilution but if you prefer a lower dilution %, let us know. Higher dilution rate might be harsh for daily use so please do your research too before you settle for a higher concentration. 

Preparation - the roller blends are packed in an sterilized amber glass bottle with a metal roller.


Why is it best to get from Lelliebubb?

1. Our oil cabinet is a refrigerator. Guaranteed that all raw materials used to prepare you roller bottle are fresh and potent. We do not buy in huge quantities to ensure that oils used are as fresh as a newly opened bottled.

2. We sells Synergies by Plant Therapy and Eden's Garden. It is the real deal. Although it's fun to mix blends, we do not sell any DIY blends, we leave the formulation to those with degree holders. We trust the expertise and knowledge of registered aromatherapists to create the blends that will work best for us. 

3. The roller bottles are prepared within 24 hours from the time the order is placed. We sterilize our bottles, rollers and caps. 

4. The dilution is based on weight and not on drop count. This will ensure that you have the right concentration ---no more , no less.

***Always do a skin test before use. Sensitive skin might react to the oil. Our responsibility is to ensure that the roller bottles are handled with care and accuracy during preparation. We will not be responsible for any negative reaction caused to the skin/body.


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