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Create Your Own Blend (Bottle 3) - Pick 4 to 6 oil drops
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Create Your Own Blend (Bottle 3) - Pick 4 to 6 oil drops

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Create your own blend allows you to be an aromatherapist for your home.

We will create your roller bottle for you based on your recipe ---you tell us how many drops per oil in every bottle that you would like for your blend, we mix it with your carrier oil of choice, pack it and ship it to you.

This will save you from purchasing the bottles in case you don't think you need a lot of ml or you find it too pricey to purchase different oils. 

Lelliebubb encourages you to explore and experience the fun and excitement of mixing oils to meet your needs. We will refrain from suggesting mix or blends for your homes. We know that you know your family better.

How to progress with your order:

1. Pick a bottle- this will give you the amount/price of the roller bottle including 4-6 drops of your oily goodness (equivalent to 2% dilution). You may opt for less, anything below 2% will cost the same. The max for the base roller is 6 drops.

2. Pick your essential oil - additional cost/pesos will be indicated for oils that are more expensive than usual. Most oils will show zero pesos. You will be allowed to select up to 6 drops. ie. If you want 2 drops of lemon out of your 6 drop budget, you will need to select Lemon twice, that will then leave you with 4 other drop from the full list of single or synergy. More drops will be needed if you selected a higher dilution % in Step 1. 

3. You must cart every roller bottle. I will be caring for consolidation of your orders if you will get more than 1 Create Your Own Roller Bottle. Carting per bottle is necessary so your oil drop choice will not be mixed with your 2nd or 3rd bottle. 

4. Name your blend - we will label it for you, please put on the comments field how you want to name your blend when you cart this bottle.

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