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Room and Linen Spray 100 ml - PICK YOUR BLEND for KIDS
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Room and Linen Spray 100 ml - PICK YOUR BLEND for KIDS

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Allow me to prepare a Room and Linen spray using any of our Plant Therapy or Edens Garden synergy/blend for kids or adults.

You may check the description of the blends in the Lelliebubb Touch collection. I am suggesting that you pick a blend that touches emotions or strengthens immunity ---most suggested blends that encourages calmness, relaxation, sleep, balance, etc.

The base product of the Room/Linen spray  is distilled water and alcohol free soluble. (If you want me to take out the soluble, please send me a message and I will be more than willing to grant your request). All ingredients used are premium (branded and not generic). 

We use an amber PET bottle with spray trigger. What you see in the picture is the exact product that you will be getting.

This is handy for "on the go" situations, when traveling or if the diffuser is not available 

Lelliebubb only uses Synergies or Blends prepared by Certified Aromatherapists. It is fun mixing and making my own concoction but will not force my own recipe for public consumption. I value your family's health and wellness too! This is a not a self mixed synergy. This is a blend/synergy by one of the top essential oil companies.Spray it in the room and inhale the heavenly scent. Let it "touch" your senses.

 ***For Topical application, please visit the Plant Therapy collection/album. We offer this synergy in roller bottles. Pre-diluted using premium carrier oils. 

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